Build a Plan in a Year

The process of creating a business continuity plan can be overwhelming. Plans are based on the work teams are doing every day, but it’s daunting to think about gathering, organizing, and recording that information in Kuali Ready. In reality, it’s a lot of little steps that when combined form the foundation of your business continuity plan.

In order to make continuity planning as easy and logical as possible, we’ve broken down the process into twelve manageable monthly tasks. Each month has a web page with clear instructions, useful tools, and other resources that are meant to help you complete your plan in a year. If more instruction or training is needed, we can always meet with you and your team as needed throughout the planning process.

Months 1-3

Months 4- 7

Month 4: Support your critical functions (6 hours)

Month 5: Review your critical functions (2 hours)

Month 6: Identify daily IT needs and dependencies (4.5 hours)

Month 7: Plan to restart IT and work from home ( 2 hours)

Months 8-10

Month 8: Staff preparedness (3 hours)

Month 9: Recovery and Continuity (3 hours)

Month 10 : Staffing in times of crisis (2 hours)

Months 11-12

Month 11 Review with RMI

Month 12 Exercise with your team