Build a Plan in a Year: Month 1

Department and Staff Basics

We’ll start with the easiest step in continuity planning – collecting what you already know and recording it in Kuali Ready. This month’s tasks will focus on gathering information about your department, identifying key people, and ascertaining skills that will be needed immediately after a disaster.

Below you will find general information on the sections that need to be filled out this month. You can enter your answers directly into Kuali Ready, or use our interview form to gather information. The questions in this form are the same questions that are displayed in Kuali Ready. You can use it conduct interviews with your co-workers over the phone or in person, or provide the form to department members who may have answers. Return to the online tool to enter the responses you’ve collected. Or, simply use the fomr as an outline to guide you through each month’s tasks.

Get Access: If you haven’t already, request access to Kuali Ready and get connected to your plan.

Next, spend about 20 minutes filling out the Department Information in the Plan Details section. If your department has a mission statement or other guiding principles, include that in the Department Description – that may come in handy when you start to think about your critical functions.

Once you’ve filled out the Department Information, it’s time to focus on staffing. Does your department have an emergency contact list? If not, create one and upload it to the Documents section under Key Resources. What about the phone system – who can check messages or record greetings? Who manages website updates? Answer these questions in the Staff Basics section under Key Resources.

 Key Skills: After a disruptive event, you may need to enlist the help of others. You may need to borrow staff, or rely on temps and volunteers, or hire contractors. What skills will be necessary in order to continue operations after a disruptive event? Choose from the drop down list or enter a Custom Skill in the Skills section under Key Resources.

Key People: In the event of an emergency, who would you call on first? While we are all important additions to our departments, who has the experience, skills, or authority to help figure things out and plan the next steps. Add these leaders in the Key People section under Key Resources.

In the course of gathering this information, you may discover missing information or needs. Capture these To Dos by adding them to the Action Item Summary under Plan Details.

Congratulations – you’ve just completed the first steps to creating a continuity plan! Next month we will work on defining your resources.

Stuck? Confused? Need help? We’re here to assist you through all planning steps via email, phone (970-491-6169) or in person!