Business Continuity FAQ

What is CSU Ready?

CSU Ready is an online tool that will help colleges, departments and business units within CSU to create their own business continuity plans. This tool has been specifically configured for CSU. Simply answer the questions/ prompts, attach relevant documents and you will have your plan. Because this is a web based tool, this means that CSU’s business continuity plan is in fact a living document. This will not be a plan that is put on a shelf somewhere, and forgotten.

How to begin?

RMI can provide you or your business unit/ business officers with training on business continuity planning, and how to use the tool. Please contact us to schedule a training, or see our Knowledge Center for webinars of past training. Remember that the tool can create plans by unit area, department, or college.

Why is business continuity planning important?

It helps business units, departments, colleges and the university to identify essential functions, upstream and downstream dependencies that might impact operations, and assists us to proactively plan for, and allocate resources for resumption of essential functions.

How is this information going to be used?

The tool that CSU uses is a living document, that can be easily updated. Once plans are created, Colleges can use this tool to determine vulnerabilities, and dependencies at a college level. In addition information collected in this tool will enable CSU to determine campus wide vulnerabilities, dependencies and appropriate resource allocation that would be needed in the event of a disruption.