Ergo Lab and Equipment Trials

As part of the injury prevention program, CSU Ergonomics maintains an ergo lab for employees to view and test equipment.

Access to this lab is by appointment only. If you are interested in setting up a time to visit the ergo lab and view equipment, please complete a

Request for Ergonomic Showroom Appointment

  • Please complete the form below to request an ergonomic equipment showroom appointment. Your appointment is not confirmed until you are contacted by a member of the ergonomics program staff.


Equipment in the ergo lab includes but is not limited to chairs, height adjustable tables and desks, lighting, keyboards, mice, keyboard trays, etc. Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that prior to purchase, equipment be tried to determine effectiveness.

Equipment and products in the ergo lab are evaluated and tested by certified ergonomists prior to implementation in the lab to ensure the highest quality options for employees. Items not in the ergo lab are not approved/recommended items or have yet to be tested. Not all options available for resale may be available in the ergo lab.

Equipment and furniture in the ergo lab is available through CSU approved vendors (where a contract is applicable). This includes furniture, desks, tables, chairs, etc.

View Approved Equipment

In complement to the Ergo Lab, CSU Ergonomics loans out various equipment for a two week trial period, free of charge, to assist employees in selecting items for purchase. To request an equipment loan, or to complete the agreement for items already loaned to you, please complete the CSU Ergo Equipment Loan Agreement Form.


Questions or need additional information?
Contact CSU’s Ergonomics Coordinator
970.491.2724 – 141 General Services Building