Ergonomic Evaluation Request

Ergonomics expands to all areas of work whether in the office, laboratory, materials handling, or production facility. Identifying, evaluating, and controlling exposure to ergonomic injury risk factors (the problem areas and root causes of injury) when performing any job task is crucial in preventing work-related pain and injury, increasing productivity, and reducing waste. (Risk factors include but are not limited to; awkward postures, force, repetition, duration, and contact stress.) The identification of injury risk factors is the foundation of an ergonomic evaluation.

The Office of Risk Management & Insurance – Ergonomics Program offers a variety of ergonomics, injury prevention, and risk assessment services. Click the appropriate link below to schedule an ergonomic evaluation or contact the ergonomics manager with additional questions regarding ergonomic evaluation and risk assessment services.

Schedule an Office Ergonomic Evaluation (onsite OR virtual/remote) 
Schedule an Industrial Ergonomic Evaluation (non-office job tasks)

An Industrial Ergonomic Evaluation includes all non-office job tasks including, but not limited to, laboratory work (pipetting, microscope, etc.), custodial work, manual materials handling (lifting, pushing, pulling), animal care, mail handling and distribution, fieldwork, food services and preparation, etc.


Contact CSU’s Ergonomics Manager
970.491.2724 – 141 General Services Building