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To schedule an industrial ergonomic evaluation (non-office job tasks), please click the (+) next to the appropriate link below.

Industrial Questionnaire for Employees

Industrial Ergonomic Evaluation Questionnaire (for Employees)

This questionnaire is designed to be completed by EMPLOYEES seeking an evaluation of their own workstation, job, job tasks, etc. The questionnaire asks the employee to include demographic and job information, select the type of ergonomic evaluation preferred, evaluation time and day preferences, etc.

Industrial Questionnaire for Managers/Supervisors

Manager/Supervisor – Industrial Ergonomic Evaluation Questionnaire (for Managers/Supervisors)

This questionnaire is designed to be completed by a MANAGER/SUPERVISOR requesting an evaluation of a workstation, job, job tasks, etc. performed by an employee or group of employees working in their department/unit. As part of the manager/supervisor industrial ergonomic evaluation request, commonly it is necessary to have employees performing job tasks complete a Symptom Survey. Managers/supervisors should ask for employees performing jobs, tasks that need to be evaluated in order for the CSU ergonomics team to better identify the onset and nature of potential problem areas within a job/job task. This will allow for further ergonomic analysis to be conducted with one of the primary goals being to minimize the risk for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Employees that are part of a larger departmental unit ergonomic evaluation requested by a manager/supervisor, should complete the Symptom Survey. Employees should be as accurate as possible when completing this survey.

Following submission of the online questionnaire, a qualified member of the CSU ergonomics team will be in touch to coordinate a time and day for the ergonomic evaluation.

CSU Office of Risk Management & Insurance Ergonomics Program offers two levels of industrial ergonomic evaluations.

Industrial Ergonomic Evaluation Details

Industrial ergonomic evaluations encompass any job task performed outside of the office/computer workstation environment including but not limited to laboratory work (pipetting, microscope, etc.), custodial work, manual materials handling (lifting, pushing, pulling), animal care, mail handling, food service and cooking, etc.)

Any job or set of job tasks performed by a CSU employees should ideally be evaluated for ergonomic risk.

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