Virtual/Remote Ergonomic Evaluation Steps

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Below are the steps in a virtual/remote office ergonomic evaluation.

  1. Complete online training – Working from Home Ergonomics (recommended)
  2. Complete an Ergonomic Evaluation Request Form. You will be prompted to:
    • Complete the form in its entirety (demographics, discomfort history, etc.)
    • Schedule a time/day for your evaluation online (MS Bookings)
    • Upload additional measurements & pictures (ONLY FOR LEVEL 2 REMOTE EVALUATIONS). Additional measurements & pictures are preferred but not required. The ergo specialist can walk the employee through obtaining this data at the time of the evaluation if needed.

The remote evaluation process is very similar to the in-person evaluation process aside from the fact that employees need to provide data & information that the ergonomic specialist cannot obtain.

  1. Data Review
    • The ergonomics specialist will review the data & information received as quickly as possible and complete the ergonomic evaluation with the employee.
  2. Report and Recommendations Submission
    • The ergonomics specialist will submit an electronic report (available online) to the employee who should review the report with their supervisor, discuss potential for changes, and implement suggestions.
  3. Follow-up Phone Consultation
    • A follow-up email and/or phone conversation may take place to discuss the report where additional questions can be asked and answered.
Below are tips for taking photos and/or videos. These same tips will be shown again on the ergonomic evaluation request form when the employee is asked to upload.
Tips for photos and/or video:

  • Take or have someone take the photos or video as you perform regular, real-time work tasks (while you are actually typing, using the mouse, etc). Work and sit and/or stand normally. Avoid using a posture that you would not normally use. Pictures/video of actual work being performed is needed.
  • Photos/video should illustrate posture and body position (see example pictures below).
  • If certain pictures, angles/sides cannot be obtained, that is fine. Some may be impossible to obtain.
  • Obtain at least 2 photos (additional photos are ideal).

Tips for taking photos/video by yourself:

  • Set your phone/camera on another chair, table, boxes, etc. and point your camera at yourself/your workstation (selfie mode) and take a video of yourself working. Upload the video to your computer and take screenshots to get the pictures being asked for. You can also use the snipping tool (search for snipping tool on your computer). Save the pictures and upload where indicated after completing the evaluation request form.

Tips for live MS Teams, Zoom or another video call

  • Place your phone on a different chair, table, boxes, etc. and point your camera at yourself/your workstation (selfie mode) so that the ergonomics specialist can see you while you are working. Setting up live video can also look like the profile pictures (right and left side) below.
  • Pictures should show the chair, keyboard, mouse, desktop, monitors, etc.

Sample Office Ergonomics Pictures

Office Ergonomic Pictures

View from left sideView from right side
View of keyboard and mouse from aboveView of full body from above
View of leg clearanceView of chair

Contact CSU’s Ergonomics Manager
for additional information or with any questions.