Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics should play a major part of any workplace design, equipment and/or tool design and purchase, space layout, etc. Regardless of the review and assessment of current or future workplaces, workstations, environmental factors (i.e. lighting), equipment or tools, the human factors element should be considered to ensure a mismatch between tools, equipment, workstations and the human who uses them does not create inefficiencies, waste or injury.

With ergonomics design review, an ergonomics specialist will work with the department to evaluate and assess the work environment, tasks, equipment and/or tools and identify as best as possible where ergonomic issues may be present and make suggestions to help minimize injury risk exposure, avoid waste and decrease productivity, improve employee health in the future. The ergonomics specialist will provide and help ensure that ergonomic design guidelines and specifications are considered and implemented as part of the design and/or purchasing process to prevent the need for future modifications because ergonomics principles were not considered in the initial stages.

Implementing ergonomic principles in the design and/or purchase of tools, equipment, workstations, etc. is crucial and will help the department avoid time for re-work and redesign, save funding and keep the workforce at a lower risk for injury.

Ergonomics Design Guidelines

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