Furniture Specifications

Not all furniture will properly fit everyone. Even adjustable furniture (i.e. height-adjustable tables, chairs, etc.) may have limitations. It is important to ensure ergonomic design guidelines are met when purchasing furniture from an approved vendor to ensure the furniture adjusts properly to meet the needs of the user. Ergonomic design guidelines for furniture have been developed in order to assist departments when purchasing furniture so that the highest quality options are being purchased and will fit properly fit the end-users.

Ergonomic design should allow for a proper fit for as many individuals in the workforce as possible from the 95th percentile person to the 5th percentile person. CSU specifications were written to ensure this is feasible to the extent possible. When alternative designs may be needed, given a user does not β€œfit” (i.e. a very tall or short person), alternatives may be warranted. In such cases, the ergonomics team should be contacted to ensure that the purchased furniture will properly fit the intended users.

CSU Ergonomic Furniture Specifications

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