Accident Procedure

If you are involved in an incident follow these steps:

  • Remain at the scene.
  • If the incident occurred on CSU campus, contact campus police.
  • If the incident occurred off-campus, contact the police  department for that jurisdiction
  • Do not admit fault, even if you are issued a citation.
  • Ask other driver for name, license number, insurance carrier, policy number, and contact information.
  • Make a note of the license plate number, year, make, and model of the other vehicle(s).
  • If witnesses are present, ask for their names and phone numbers.
  • Make a note of the police report number.

Please make sure you report accident to CSUPD (on campus) or law enforcement having jurisdiction. Please report incident to RMI or contact Transportation Services.

CSU employees may be covered by CSU’s workers compensation insurance for auto related injuries.

RMI Guidance on Emergency Transportation