Travel Advisory Waiver Form

For travel to destinations subject to a travel advisory, faculty and staff are required to complete the Travel Advisory Waiver form.

For a list of countries subject to a U.S. State Department travel advisory see

The travel advisory waiver form is now electronic. If a traveler has a trip to a destination subject to a travel advisory please make sure that all the trip information is entered, saved and submitted in Kuali TEM. This is the new integrated registration system. After the TA is saved and submitted the system will email the traveler a link to the Kuali TEM portal. A CSU EID is required to login, sign the travel advisory waiver and submit. Then the system will send an approval email to the traveler and arranger. A copy of the approval must be attached to the TA as proof of approval.

The database accesses ODS nightly. Therefore please allow for sufficient time. We recommend that TA’s be saved and submitted at least 48 hours PRIOR to departure.