Drug and Alcohol Test Procedures

Supervisor/ manager must call AEGIS Client Services Toll Free: 1-800-533-7052.  Please ask for Forensic Client Services.

Please state that you are a manager/ supervisor from Colorado State University, and that you require a reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol test. You will need to provide supervisor/ manager name and contact information, the name of the donor (test subject), and the physical address of where you are located.

AEGIS will contact the collector, and confirm donor and location. AEGIS will in turn notify the supervisor of time and location of test.

Please have someone of authority such as a supervisor or manager sit with individual (donor) while waiting for the onsite collector to arrive.

Please make sure that the donor has photo identification.

Test results will be sent to RMI. Negative results will be reported within 24 hours, and non-negatives will undergo confirmatory resting, with results to be reported within 36 – 48 hours.