Drone Use at CSU

Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and relevant state law. CSU’s UAS/UAV Policy establishes procedures to ensure compliance with those legal obligations and to reduce risks related to safety, security and privacy. For a copy of this policy please see CSU Drone Policy.  In addition, Risk Management and Insurance (RMI), CSU Drone Center (DC), and Facilities Management (FM) must approve all UAS/UAV operations prior to flights on CSU properties.

CSU Owned Drones (UAS/UAV): University departments, employees, and/or students wishing to use CSU funding to purchase and/or operate a UAS/UAV as part of their university employment or part of a university program are responsible for UAS/UAV liability insurance premiums.  Physical Damage (PD) coverage for UAS/UAV and associated systems – recommended for high value equipment – may also be purchased.  Departments who do not purchase PD are responsible for the loss and/or damage to the UAS/UAV and associated equipment.  All departments must notify and provide RMI with an account number for liability insurance, prior to operations.

Non-CSU Owned Drones (UAS/UAV): Only at the request of a CSU sponsored academic or research or business, are non-CSU owned UASs/UAVs allowed to fly on CSU properties and only with approval by RMI/DC/FM prior to operations.  In addition to the scheduling approval process below, a $1M drone/aviation liability Certificate of Insurance (listing Colorado State University and its affiliates as additional insureds) is required and must be submitted to RMI prior to operations.

Pilots – Drone (UAS/UAV):  Anyone wishing to operate a UAS/UAV on CSU properties, is required to comply with all FAA and state laws.  Pilots must submit a copy of their most recent Part 107 pilot’s license to RMI/DC – and receive approval – prior to operations.

Scheduling Flight Operations on CSU Owned Property:  ALL flights must be approved prior to operation.  To initiate the approval process submit to RMI/DC/FM the following:

  1.  CSU Drone Approval Request Form
  2. CSU Basic Flight Plan
  3. Current Part 107 FAA Pilot’s License
  4. CSU affiliates may request a flight (event) through the CSU EMS System. If for any reason you cannot obtain access please contact Kirsten Smith/Lori Meyers or 970.491.0026.
  5. Non-affiliated CSU parties need to contact FM to schedule a flight.

NOTE: Recreational or hobbyist use of UAS/UAV or model aircraft on or over University property, not for a University-sponsored academic, research or business purpose is not permitted.

CSU Drone Center
Part 107 Information
UAS/UAV Frequently Asked Questions: http://policylibrary.colostate.edu/attachments/746.UAS%20Policy%20FAQs.pdf