Drone Use at CSU

Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and relevant state law. CSU’s UAS/UAV Policy  establishes procedures to ensure compliance with those legal obligations and to reduce risks related to safety, security and privacy. For a copy of this policy please see CSU Drone Policy

  1. For University Employees or students wishing to purchase and/ operate a UAS/UAV as part of their university employment or part of a university program, please complete the CSU Drone Approval Request form and return to Office of Risk Management & Insurance, email to sally.alexander@colostate.edu

Completion of this form is required PRIOR to operation of the UAS/UAV.

Checklist of information needed (See form for complete list of information needed):

  1. Name of requesting party
  2. CSU Department and contact name, email, and telephone number
  3. Who owns the UAS/UAV, if not CSU?
  4. Description of UAS/UAV Activities including takeoff procedures, UAS/UAV recovery, description of ground control system, and system fail safe.
  5. Dates of operation. Include number of hours operated, and time of operations.
  6. Location of operation and storage, description of storage facility. Also describe method of transportation for the unit.
  7. UAS/UAV registration #
  8. UAS/UAV and associated systems information – serial #, year, manufacture, model and value
  9. Pilot information – name, FAA Licensees and ratings, CSU employment status, describe all relevant UAS/UAV training
  10. General Information to include: airframe weight, max takeoff weight, range/ endurance, operating altitude, power supply.
  11. Describe operational safety program or procedures
  12. Account number (Departments are responsible for UAS/UAV liability insurance premiums. They may at their option purchase physical damage coverage for UAS/UAV and associated systems – recommended for high value equipment. If no insurance is purchased for physical damage, Departments are responsible for loss or damage to UAS/UAV and associated systems.)

2. Anyone wishing to operate a UAS/UAV on CSU property is required to obtain approval from the Office of Risk Management & Insurance PRIOR to operation. Third parties, or vendors operating a UAS/ UAV on CSU property may be asked to provide evidence of drone liability insurance. Facilities Management and CSUPD may also be involved in approving applications.

Please complete the CSU Drone Approval Request form and return to the Office of Risk Management (Campus Delivery 6002, email sally.alexander@colostate.edu )

3. Scheduling flight operations on CSU owned property. CSU has designated certain areas where drone use may be approved. However, flight operations need to be scheduled, and approved prior to  operation. Flight operations for CSU research, and CSU business related functions will have priority. This scheduling process ensures that flight operations may occur in a safe manner, and that research operations are not unduly impacted. After RMI has approved the drone use, the operator must receive approval for scheduling the flight operations. For flight operations scheduling please schedule by accessing CSU’s Event Management System. If for any reason you cannot obtain access please contact Kirsten Smith or Lori Meyers, at 970 491 0026.

NOTE: Recreational or hobbyist use of UAS/UAV or model aircraft on or over University property, not for a University-sponsored academic, research or business purpose is not permitted.

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