Field Trips and Other Similar Events

University employees as part of their official capacities must at times arrange for various types of off-campus activities such as instructional related trips, field and demonstration trips, recreation and athletic trips. CSU employees acting as sponsors or instructors of field activity must be designated by CSU to perform such roles in order to assure appropriate liability protection for their acts. Section I.16 of CSU’s Academic Faculty and Administrative Staff Manual provides specific information regarding field trips and similar sanctioned events.

For activities that are not sponsored by CSU, clear separation should be maintained by the University from such activities.

It is important that students acknowledge an understanding of the risk involved in any particular activity and, where necessary, specific risks which are unusual and which are associated with that particular activity. Please see the generic release/ waiver form. This form can be customized and adapted. For legal advice please contact the Office of General Counsel at 970.491.6270.

Use of university vehicles please see CSU Parking and Transportation Services.

Emergency Response Plans

University employees leading, or supervising sanctioned field trips and other similar events should give some thought in preparing for emergencies. Factors that need to be taken into account are:- types of hazards, age of participants, length of the trip (overnight, driving etc), geographic location (altitude, winter weather etc), steps to take in an emergency, and communication plan.