Workers Compensation & COVID-19

March 15th, 2020

During this challenging time for our campus community, we share the following information regarding CSU’s Workers’ Compensation program and our plan in response to COVID-19. Please check CSU’s COVID-19 webpage

For the most up to date information about workers’ compensation and COVID-19 please check this page for updates.

It is important to protect our occupational and workers compensation providers from contracting COVID-19. We want to ensure that our authorized treating providers can continue to provide routine workers’ compensation care to current and future injured workers who file compensable workers’ compensation claims. If these workers’ compensation providers become exposed to COVID-19, workers’ compensation routine care will be disrupted.



  • Workers compensation does not cover medical treatment for COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 merely because a person believes that they may have contracted the disease at work.
  • This is because exposure to COVID-19 does not meet the threshold for a workers’ compensation claim until an investigation has been completed AND until the employee is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19 that was related to a documented occupational exposure while performing essential functions of the job.
  • Community transmission, which means infections within a population which are not imported from another virus-hit area of COVID-19, makes it impossible to link the actual infection with a work-related exposure as required by Workers Compensation statutes.
  • This means as the virus becomes widespread throughout Colorado, it will be very difficult to prove that the employee contracted COVID-19 at work or elsewhere in the community.


  • If you feel you have a work-related exposure to COVID-19 that you want to be considered for workers compensation please file an incident report at
  • If you need assistance with filing an incident, please call us at (970) 491-4832 or (970) 491-5110.
  • For suspected or actual COVID-19 PLEASE DO NOT GO TO CSU’s AUTHORIZED TREATING PROVIDERS (unless you are a researcher approved to do research on COVID-19 please follow your research protocols. See below.)
  • For seeking medical care for upper respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing etc.) or where you think you may have COVID-19, please seek medical care via your primary care physician or urgent care facility.
  • Call ahead before arriving for instructions so that you do not unintentionally expose others at the medical facility to the virus. 
  • Please follow instructions provided by your primary care provider, or county health department. (Some instructions may include calling ahead if you have upper respiratory symptoms.)
  • See Associates in Family Medicine COVID-19 for the most up to date information. Associates in Family Medicine instructs patients who have a fever, cough or shortness of breath or have concerns about COVID-19 to please call the COVID-19 Hotline at 970-495-6234.
  • See Larimer County COVID-19
  • For Telemedicine options for all CSU employees please see
  • For Workwell’s telemedicine options for workers’ compensation claims  please see
  • Your claim will be processed through CSU’s third party administrator, Gallagher Bassett. They will be in contact with you regarding your claim and status. Please provide medical updates to CSU via email to and If you have any questions about your claim you can contact Gallagher Bassett at 1-303-218-7834
  • Please check your email, including your junk mail for information from our office as it will be coming from Origami Risk.

CSU Researchers working on COVID-19 Research:


Workers compensation clinics or Authorized Treating Physicians do not have COVID-19 testing capability.

Please do not go to workers compensation clinics to be tested for COVID-19.

  • For the most up to date information regarding availability of authorized treating physicians (ATP’s) please monitor your emails (please check your junk mail folder) for information regarding your claim.
  • Please also monitor this webpage  for the most up to date information.

We want to assure all who are currently treating for work-related injuries under workers compensation, or those who may sustain work-related injury and seek treatment under workers compensation, of the measures that have been put in place to ensure continuity of patient care.

  • Our authorized treating physicians and workers compensation clinics respectfully request that if you are attending a routine medical or physical therapy appointment under a current workers compensation claim AND you have upper respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) or suspect that you may have COVID-19 you call ahead and discuss your symptoms and whether or not you need to reschedule appointments with your provider.
  • If you do reschedule appointments, please notify CSU WC email: and Gallagher Bassett at or call CSU WC (970)491-4832 and Gallagher Bassett at 1- 303-218-7834


  • Workwell does not administer coronavirus tests at their clinics.
  • When disease outbreaks such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) leave patients unable to visit a Workwell clinic in person because of quarantine or illness, WWeCare Telemedicine will allow them to receive quality occupational healthcare remotely.
  • WWeCare Telemedicine can be used in most workers’ compensation situations, but it cannot be used to treat life-threatening injuries or those that require hands-on care from a physician.
  • To access WWeCare, patients simply download the Mend telemedicine app onto their smartphone or tablet.
  • This app can be found in both the iOS app and Google Play stores. Patients will also be able to access WWeCare on their computer using a link sent to their email address.
  • When it’s time for their scheduled appointment with the online medical provider, they need only an internet connection in a private place where they will feel comfortable discussing their private health information

To schedule a WWeCare Telemedicine visit, simply call your Workwell clinic.

Workwell Fort Collins
1600 Specht Point Rd.
Workwell Loveland
1608 Topaz Dr.
Workwell Longmont
205 S. Main St.
Workwell Greeley
2568 W. 16th St.

It is important to protect our workers compensation clinic and medical staff from COVID-19 exposure to ensure continuity of operations and care for our workers compensation injured workers.

  • If you have any questions regarding workers compensation and continuity of patient care at this time please see monitor this webpage or
  • contact Kenda Weigang via email or call 970 491-4832 or contact  Gallagher Bassett at 1- 303-218-7834

Consolidation or closure of ATP’s/ Workers Compensation Clinics:

  • Our Authorized Treating Physicians and workers compensation clinics may need to close and/or consolidate their clinic locations in their response to COVID-19.
  • Please follow all instructions you are given by the ATP. If clinic locations close or are consolidated please check for updates at this webpage or
  • contact: Kenda Weigang WC Manager (970)491-4832 or Lisa Kilburg, WC assistant (970) 491-5110

  • There should be no interruption in the handling of your workers’ compensation claim.
  • CSU workers’ compensation and claims adjusting team will work remotely and be accessible for assisting employees with their workers’ compensation claim.
CSU Contacts
Risk Management and Insurance
Colorado State University
141 General Services Building|Campus Delivery 6002
Kenda Weigang WC Manager
Ph: 970-491-4832
Lisa Kilburg, WC assistant
Ph: (970) 491-5110
Gallagher Bassett Contacts

General Email
Lori Singmaster | Senior Resolution Manager |
Ph: 303-218-7814|F: 303-796-9498
Alternate point of Contact:
D: 303-218-7834| |F: 303-796-9498
Sheri Ragsdale | Medical only claims Representative
Ph: 303-218-7830| |F: 303-796-9498
Alternate Point of Contact: | 303-218-7833
  • While we will be picking up our mail and faxes, we ask that when possible please scan and email documents. You can also take a picture of information via your phone and email it to
  • Or if email is not an option, please slide documents under the door to room 141D or 141C. We will be checking our offices regularly for any documents.

  • In the event CSU closes, employees that are currently working with or without restrictions will follow the same procedures and guidelines as other employees per CSU Human Resources.
  • Please see for up to date information.
  • If you are on a reduced work schedule due to the restrictions outlined by your ATP you will need to continue to turn in a timesheet for the hours you won’t have been working with or without the closure of CSU.
  • For example if you have been on Temporary modified duty working only 4 hours a day and reporting missed time on your timesheet to the Workers’ Compensation office weekly. You would continue to do so.
  • Employees who are currently off work, as a result of their compensable work related injury, will continue receiving wage replacement benefits through Workers’ Compensation or in accordance to CSU’s injury leave/wage supplementation benefit.
  • They will still need to turn in weekly timesheets to the workers’ compensation team as instructed in the Employee Injury Guide they have received.
  • Please monitor your email and return all requested calls and correspondence
  • Please email if you have questions or need clarification or call 970-491-4832 or 491-5110

Please see CSU Human Resources COVID-19 FAQs regarding Faculty and Staff Guidance see

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